I was asked by Russell at Vooks to create a score for Slumber Sloth, a book by Slumberkins. Pretty nice to be a part of something this pure-hearted. I noticed right away that this was to be the opposite of the typical format of a 2-3 minute rise to a crescendo; rather, the composition needed to slowly soften and gradually fade away until the calming ambiance spoke for itself. I wanted it to sound close - lullaby-like, nothing abrupt that would draw attention away from the exercise. This would have been a challenge for me, I’m skilled with quite a bit but I needed a string player (preferable Violin or Viola) who really knew their stuff! Fortunate for all of us, Brooke Carroll (http://www.brookecarroll.com/brookes-story.html) was available to help weave this together to create a calming “stream-of-consciousness” piece that I am extremely proud of. She performed all of the strings live in the studio, some of the viola phrases were completely spur-of-the-moment, this really helped a ton in finding the correct sound. The keywords here are care-free, relaxed and peaceful. Thanks again Brooke and Russell!

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