with the moment, the sound arrives

You’ll find that crafting music / sounds is my occupation, yes, but it’s also deeply part of who I am. I sing to my children, I whistle in public (*not on purpose…), I love to venture into uncharted territory (experimenting relentlessly with new sounds / concepts) and to revisit ruins (what was that song I heard? what was the sound, that feel? I think I could be inspired by that nostalgia). - I feed my muse daily by gardening, hiking, running, dancing with my love, gorging myself on science material, meditating, and letting my inner animal out when playing with the kids and close friends (including performing music). I swear I’m the typical introvert for half the month, and then a huge extrovert for the other half…so be kind to me and expect a wide-range of character to encounter…it’s all good, all about love and definitely about creativity and … yes … hopefully meeting project deadlines along the way! Collaboration with other musicians as well as artists of all varieties is something I like to do on a regular basis so feel free to contact me if you want to work together. I also obviously do this for a living (pays my mortgage, food, medical, etc…) so if you’ve found yourself here looking to hire me - please don’t hesitate, I am thankful for every opportunity.

I stay busy with Composition, Sound Design, Voiceover recording, and Music Production and Mixing. When I’m not on a job with a client I love to finish my “Song a day” pieces that I’ve stewarded daily since 2012…there are so many musical ideas ready to be unpacked!