I'm Grant, I've been a composer since the days of waiting for the bell to ring at school and not worrying about much other than how steep that water slide looks. In it's wonderful ways, music found me and hasn't let go.

I focus on delivering audio content for motion graphics projects, commercials, documentaries, narrative films, and other creative endeavors including sound design for apps and console games.

10+ years experience.

Links to some of my consistently updated work can be found via Marmoset Music

Marmoset as Jules Blueprints

Marmoset as Grant Harold

Past coursework (some degrees, some not)

Digital Technology / Modern Art at WSU

Speech and Hearing Sciences at Portland State University

Psychology at WSU & George Fox University

Music Theory at Clark College

Musical projects / Bands

Black Ice Satellite


Rosasharn (former member, now called “Tents”)

Friends to check out (not in order of importance, probably missing a few here!)

Tents (band), Aaron Peterson (composer / sound designer), Spaceman Effects, Katy Davidson (songwriter / producer / creative), Keith Fenter (director, mograph, creative), Caleb Highly (art director), Nathan DeCeasar (director, mograph, video), David Carroll (creative!), Old Rock and Roll Queen (band), Mode Adjust, Relish Division, Actual Industries, Janique Robillard, Harter Creative, Happy Hour History, Marmoset Music (Music / Sound Agency), Antfood (Music / Sound Agency), Aika (Music / Sound Agency)



Grant Harold
Vancouver, WA

971 533 8821